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Tom O'Neil

Fast Radio Burst 121102 Signal from Dr. Grey

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On 2/10/2020 at 4:07 AM, Tom O'Neil said:

This is a message for the Grey's if you can interpret it good luck, but I have a feeling the grey's can.  I believe the grey's have tapped our internet.  Therefore as soon as this message is posted their advanced scanners  will pick it up and retrieve it.  The grey's are here along with the reptilians.  Lets see which alien race will translate it first.

Can't you tell them in person next time you're being probed?

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Not gonna pretend I understood the original word salad post, but hypothetically....


aren’t the greys allegedly from zeti reticuli? Even then why would they be communicating with radio signals whEn they have far superior technology to supposedly reach earth? 

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