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Spin off of skate night


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    Hey guys, this is a spin off of my story skate night. You can either watch the video that still on the front page here. I titled the thread short horror story. Or read it here.


In order for this story to make sense, you have to know skate night. I'm gonna make another video with this story, so the paragraphs are set up for narration. Thanks for stopping in. I hope you enjoy it.





 “Why in the hell did you do that?” Mark said as he grabbed a small brown leather bag full of prescription pills and about 500 dollars in cash from the trunk of an old rusted Ford focus . With tears running down his face Mike grabbed a handful of oxycodone and swallowed them down chugging the last of his can of beer. “She startled me. I didn't know it was a kid. I swear I didn’t know”.

      Mark shook his head “Well come on we gotta get out of here, the cops have got to be looking everywhere for us by now.” They ditched the car behind an abandoned bowling alley and ran into the woods. Wasn’t long before they crossed the railroad tracks and began to climb the long steep embankment leading to the New Windsor state forest sanctuary. 

     Sweat began to pour off Mikes face as he replayed the horror that had unfolded just 10 minutes before. Somewhere off in the distance they could hear sirens blaring. Breathing heavy, as they made it to the top of the hill, Mike couldn’t help but to see the entire scene play out like a movie in his mind.

     Mark had walked up to the counter of the medicine chest, a small pharmacy. A beautiful young girl steps up from behind the counter and with a smile asks if she could help him. Mark then pulls out a gun from behind his waistband and tells her to get down on the ground. With utter shock on her face she just freezes. “GET DOWN ON THE DAMN FLOOR” he yells, as he pulled back the hammer on his pistol. She dropped to her knees, and put her hands over her head, as she started to cry. “DO NOT MOVE OR I PROMISE YOU I WILL KILL YOU” 

     Just then Mike runs behind the counter holding a small brown leather bag. He quickly begins to dump narcotics into it, as Mark pried open and emptied the register. They meet back in front of the counter and Mark throws the money into the bag.

     Suddenly they hear the bell to the front door jingle. Mike in a panic pulls a gun from the side of his hip, turns, and lets off a single shot. Time seemed to stand still in that moment. His ears ringing from the shot, he saw a woman in her mid 30”s standing at the entrance with a look of devastation on her face. She drops to her knees and begins to sob heavily over a little girl lying on the floor. Blood began to pool around the small child. They both stood there in complete shock.

     Mark then yelled “COME ON, LETS GO”. This snapped Mike out of his trance and they both headed for the door. Mark knocked the woman over, and stepped over the child. As Mike followed suit, he looked down to see a small bullet hole dead center of the child's forehead. She seemed to condemn him with her lifeless gaze. He paused for one moment, as Mark grabbed his coat, and pulled him through the door. 

     Aside from this tragic accident, things had, and were continuing to go according to plan. They would ditch the stolen car, and trek through the woods in a mile and a half circle. Then  take the back way into a small trailer park, where on the edge of the woods was an empty long abandoned trailer. There they would spend the day, and lay low. When all was clear, in the late evening their friend Rob would pick them up.  

     They were nearly at their destination. Just a couple wilderness obstacles left  and they would be crossing back over the railroad tracks and into the trailer park. As they climbed down the hill, they noticed a small pond at the bottom that was swamp like around the edges. The surrounding area was thick with pricker bushes making any way around the pond impassable. 

     Mark let out a disappointed sigh. “I thought you said we would be able to make it there easily,” Mike with a look of confusion said “ these prickers weren't anywhere near as thick last time me and Dad were hunting.” “ Are you kidding me?” Mark said, how freaking long ago was that? 10 years?” 

     They both knew there was no going back, the risk was just too high. “Well, looks like we are getting wet” Mark said as he shook his head in disgust. As they neared the edge of the pond, Mike noticed some yellow police tape on the ground, next to a shallow hole with a shovel next to it. He was about to point this out to Mark when suddenly they both heard what sounded like a child singing. 

     “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” a little girls voice could be heard from behind them. They both turned around in astonishment. There before them was a little girl in a winter coat, and a pink winter hat. She was sitting on the ground with her back towards them. She sat looking down, writing something on the ground with a stick.

     Mike nearly fainted at the sight of this. He knew what they were seeing was impossible. This kid came out of nowhere. If she had been there the entire time, they would have walked right into her. Yet there she was just a few feet from them. Mike then dropped to his knees and puked. Half digested pills, and beer came spewing forth from his mouth. The awful taste answered the only question spinning in his head, no this was not a dream. This was really happening.

     Mark just stood there with the look of a man trying to solve a mystery. Trying to find a rational way to explain this. “Please don’t take my sunshine away” she continued singing. Mark then spoke up, “hey kid how did you get here?” he asked. “Are you here all by yourself?” She ignored him and continued to sing “you make me happy when skies are grey” 

     At this point Mark grew impatient, and he began to walk towards her. Now directly behind her he could see what she had written in the dirt. In big capital letters it said WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? For a moment Mark was taken back. He could feel his heart sink into his stomach. Then he reached down and grabbed the girl by the shoulder, and turned her toward him. 

     Shivers ran up his spine, now unable to breath he fell backwards keeping his eyes fixed on her face. Her eyes were black as pitch. Streaks of blood and dirt stained her face. The name Becky was stitched on her mud soaked hat. 

     Now in complete panic Mark began to stumble backwards. Mike, who had just begun to get back control of his gag reflexes looked up to see this horrific sight. He jumped up, and grabbed the back of Marks collar and began to pull him towards the pond. Both of them still staring at this nightmare. 

     As they took their first steps into the muddy swamp water, Becky, with her black eyes seemingly staring into their souls slowly began to smile at them. Wider and wider her grin became, till it was so wide the corners of her mouth reached her ears.

     OH MY GOD mike yelled as Mark jumped to his feet. They both turned from becky and ran into the murky water. The water slowly got deeper as they slugged their way through fast as they could. They were about half way through the pond when Mark turned back to see if she had followed. To his relief, she was no longer there. Mike also stopped, and with his heart still beating in his ears began to look in all directions for her, but couldn't see her anywhere.

     They both just looked at each other for what seemed like forever. Then Mark says to Mike with a quivering voice, “ok man lets get out of this water.” “Wait,” Mike said. He pointed back across the pond where that abomination of a child had just been. There on the edge of the pond sat the small brown leather bag. 

     YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! Mark yelled as he angrily swung his head back towards Mike. He could tell right away by the look in Mikes eyes that no way was he going to be the one to go back to get it. 

     Mark turned back towards the bag and took one step forward, then paused. “That must have been a hallucination” Mark said to himself as he clutched his fists, and with his heart pounding in his chest he focused on the bag and began to move forward. 

     He got just a few feet when a large bass jumped out of the water from behind him and made a big splash. This made Mark jump out of his skin, and he gave out a loud yell. AHHH. He froze in his tracks and frantically looked around the pond. Just then another fish jumped right in front of him. “Damn fish” he murmured to himself as he let out a nervous laugh.

     Mike watched from the rocky embankment as Mark now confidently began to make his way back across the pond. He came to within just a few feet of the edge when he paused again. He was close enough now where he could see the words the girl had written on the ground. Suddenly he began to shake. That was Real? He said to himself.

     Just then something grabbed both of his feet, and quickly pulled him away from the edge of the pond, into the deeper water. The last thing Mike heard was Mark scream HELLLLPP, as he was pulled below the surface.

     The ripples on top of the water had already begun to settle before Mike could even begin to comprehend what had just happened. Still standing by the edge of the water Mike in a total panic frantically stumbled to the top of the embankment. “Mark” he called out in a timid voice. 

      “MARK, MAAAARRRKK” His voice echoed across the pond and down the railroad tracks. Followed by an eerie silence. He stood there for a moment looking at the still water below, when  again he dropped to his knees and threw up. He wiped the spit from his mouth, and through his teary eyes he looked up to see Becky standing next to the small leather bag on the other side of the pond. 

     Her head tilted slightly as they locked eyes. Then she looked down at the bag as if to say, your turn, come and get it. Quivering with fear and beginning to feel a rush of adrenaline, Mike jumped to his feet and began running down the railroad tracks. He then turned left into the small trailer park, and quickly slipped through the back door of the abandoned trailer. 

      He closed and locked the door behind him. Then he ran to the back bedroom, and practically dove into the closet. Before he shut the door, he took a quick glance around the room to make certain he was alone.

     Still wet he began to shiver. He could smell the swamp like smell from his clothes. As his adrenaline began to wear off, he closed his eyes and began to drift in and out of sleep. He was awoken by the sound of a radio. Mis Barns the lady who lived one trailer over began pulling weeds from her small garden, while listening to a local station. 

      Suddenly the unmistakable blare of the emergency broadcast system alert sounded. “Police are on the lookout for two men driving a ford focus. This morning at 9 am WHile robbing a drug store, they shot and killed 6 year old Kelly Thomson of Middletown. Police say they made off with a variety of narcotics, and 500 hundred dollars in cash. If you see this car call the police immediately, do not try to approach them as it’s believed they are armed and very dangerous”

      Mike now had a name to go with the vision of the lifeless face that flashed once again before his eyes. “I’m so sorry Kelly” Mike said under his breath as he began to sob. I didn’t mean…….Before he could get that sentence out he heard what sounded like someone at the other end of the trailer, a child singing. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” 

     Pure fear filled every inch of Mikes being. His eyes wide and shaking with unimaginable terror. He thought his heart would surely pound right out of his chest as he heard light footsteps walking down the hall towards him. “You’ll never know dear how much I love you” The door to the bedroom swung open with a bang.

     What did you do Mike? A girl's voice could be heard just a few feet in front of the closet door. “Please” Mike begged as tears rolled down his face. “I didn’t mean to, I swear…” WHAT DID YOU DO MIKE?? The girl said condemningly. Muddy water began to creep in from under the closet door. 

     Mike could now see her shadow from under the door, the handle began to rattle. He jumped to his feet avoiding the muddy water. She now begins to pound on the door. LET ME IN MIKE. Suddenly he could hear loud banging that seemed to come from everywhere. Again he begged yelling out loud “I DIDN'T KNOW, PLEEEAAASSE he sobbed. The door continued to rattle, loud bangs rang through the hallway. WHAT DID YOU DO MIKE??? Then suddenly everything went quiet.

      Next a familiar calm voice spoke. It sounded like it was right next to him. “You know what you have to do buddy” “Mark?” Mike questioned as he began to catch his breath. Again the voice said, “you know what you have to do ''Mike sobbed in agreement as he pulled his pistol from his waistband. Tears were running down his face as he placed the barrel against his head, closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.

     Nothing seemed to happen. He stood there shocked, wondering why the gun didn't go off, when the closet door opened. Light came flooding in, and there before him his friend Mark was reaching out his hand to him. Confused Mike looked down to see his dead body laying in a pool of blood.

    “ Come on man” Mark said, as he walked out the back door of the trailer. Mike followed after him. Just outside the door, two girls stood outside waiting for them. One in a pink hat, and one with a bullet hole dead center of her forehead. Becky and Kelly. The two girls turned towards each other and hugged. Just then a brilliant white light beamed down from the sky and landed on Kelly. She looked at Mike with a small frown, then turned and disappeared into the light.

     “Time to go guys” Becky said as she grabbed each of their hands. “Go where?” Mike said  Mark just looked at him with a somber face as they headed back towards the railroad tracks. And back towards the small pond   


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Ok guess this wasn't a big hit. Any constructive criticism?

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