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Is Australian tale oldest story still told?

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"Long ago, four giant beings arrived in southeast Australia.

"Three strode out to other parts of the continent, but one crouched in place.

"His body transformed into a volcano called Budj Bim, and his teeth became the lava the volcano spat out.

"Now, scientists say this tale—told by the Aboriginal Gunditjmara people of the area—may have some basis in fact.

"About 37,000 years ago, Budj Bim and another nearby volcano formed through a rapid series of eruptions, new evidence reveals, suggesting the legend may be the oldest story still being told today."

Full monty at Science Mag: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/02/aboriginal-tale-ancient-volcano-oldest-story-ever-told

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While this one may just be a happy coincidence, the indigenous stories (the 'Dreamtime' stories as they are rather inaptly titled) generally are fascinating and beautiful.  I've had a fair bit of contact with elders and storytellers in some regions of Oz - when you actually get to visit and properly experience these areas, there is a hypnotic sense of awe that comes partly from the harshness of the environment, and then the quiet beauty of the almost unbelievable landscapes..  From seemingly featureless flat plains that hide amazing open and deep cave formations (Nullarbor), through to Uluru and Kata Tjuta (Ayers Rock and the Olgas), the spectacular gorges...

I may be a sciency type, but the sense of a higher purpose, the deep connection to the land, and 'spirituality' (for want of a better word), is unavoidable.


If you ever visit Oz, Uluru and Kata Tjuta in particular *must* be on your visit list.  Preferably spend a few days and get out and about - you may even be lucky enough, as I was, to see a thunderstorm on "The Rock".  Amazing.

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