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Mayor charged with stealing from his Granny

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"Theft allegations against Mount Carmel Mayor Chris Jones, which resulted in a $571,000 judgment ruling against him in Hawkins County Chancery Court last year, are now going to be heard in Hawkins County Criminal Court.

"On Monday, Jones was served with a sealed Hawkins County grand jury indictment warrant charging him with theft over $250,000 stemming from allegations that Jones embezzled almost $394,000 from his grandmother’s estate in the final year of her life. His grandmother passed away in 2016."

Full monty at Johnson City Press: https://www.johnsoncitypress.com/Courts/2020/02/11/Mount-Carmel-NE-Tennessee-mayor-indicted-accused-of-394K-embezzlement-from-grandmother

And at Good Morning America: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/news/video/mayor-indicted-stealing-quarter-million-dollars-grandmother-68939374

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he allegedly stole money from his grandma, and now Hawkins County Chancery Court  thinks he has to pay them 500k?   and they  assumed they are owed that much from allegations alone???   lol. 

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From the comment section of one of the links:


Jones was a longtime Mount Carmel police officer, detective and fire chief until 2013, when he was fired by former Mayor Larry Frost amid allegations he'd stolen pills that were in a jacket that was turned in to the police department after being found at the City Park.
That lost-and-found jacket was reportedly part of an attempted sting operation, and although Jones was fired, no criminal charges were filed.
In 2014, Jones was elected Mount Carmel alderman, and in 2016 he unseated Frost in the mayoral election. Jones has stated publicly he has no plans to seek re-election this year.


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