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Not A Rockstar

The Provident Prepper

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Not A Rockstar

This is a valuable resource for common sense things a person or family can do to be better prepared in natural emergencies or other challenges. Kylene and Jonathan have put a lot of work into this and in hardback it usually sells close to 20 bucks. Their publisher is allowing them to give it away free on Kindle until the 16th of this month through amazon.

Their video on the promotion is at 


Wanted to share this brief offer because it sometimes helps to look over this sort of resource and see what new ideas we can gain to help us feel more secure and prepared, and free is a good price :) 

and nope I am not affiliated with them at all and make nothing from it. I just thought of you guys and gals when I snagged my free copy. I live in nowhere and so this sort of information is something I am pretty well informed on and committed to. Prepping to the degree you want is a good and wise thing, wherever you are. This book is one of the better presented options.

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Thanks for posting this.  I may download it if I remember before Sunday. 

I used to live next door to a woman who was waiting/anticipating with bated breath/expecting society to collapse and she drove her poor husband crazy with all kinds of survival projects.  She had a separate room added on to the kitchen side of the house with a wood cook stove (very nice), he had to build her a chicken pen and take care of the chickens, she had the whole space under the house filled with emergency food, etc.  And she didn't leave the neighbors alone either.  When she started talking about Y2K all of us who were computer people tried to explain it to her but she was sure we would all starve and she told me I am not going to feed you when Y2K happens so you better have some food stored.  I bought a 50 pound bag of beans and 20 pound bad of lentils just to get her off my back.  I also stocked up on coffee, toilet paper, tooth brushes and cleaning supplies (clorox) and first aide stuff.  I figured I could trade those things for anything I wanted but I was sure I would not need them.  I ran out of beans in about 6 years, the lentils did not last more than a year because they don't cook well after that.  Did not have to buy cling wrap or aluminum foil for 5 years either.  :lol:

I do think it is a good idea to be prepared for a month but not 2 years like my mormon relatives do.

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