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Fruit of memories

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Most of my dream was radom nonsense. But there was one part that stuck out to me. I am a person who loves the fruit of catus. Things like the prickly pear and dragon fruit are my favorite.


So in my dream I had noticed a fruiting catus. It was an odd fruit. It resembled a flower, it resembled a dragon fruit. It was owned by a child. This childs mother was dead. But she said her mother lived in the catus. The body of the fruit consisted of thick leaves in which a smaller version of the fruit grew, it would bloom and strings of plant fibers would sprout from the top. 


The child removed the fruit and began eating on its leaves. Much like how one would consume an artichoke. What was left of the leaf was clear and would play back memories the child had with her mother. The child smiled and continued to eat the fruit. Telling me how happy she was not to be alone. 

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