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Star Wars Galaxies Emulator


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Star War Galaxies is almost complete. Once the New Game Enhancement happened in November of 2005, a group set out to rewrite the code and return SWG to its pre-combat upgrade and New game enhancement existance.

So far, they have written millions of lines of code, and the game is almost complete, although It has been playable for quite a while, and the writers share the code with other servers creating multiple servers to play on. When they reach milestones, the servers are updated. 
There are several servers, and some are Pre-Cu and NGE, and some are NGE servers.

On the PRE-CU and NGE servers you can expect to see 32 professions, and you place skill points into trees where you need them most, eventually capping out as a Master of that profession.  You cannot play a Jedi until you have Mastered 5 Combat professions, and visited a few Points of Interest and done a few theme parks, as well as a few other things that lead to unlocking a Jedi.

You don't even need combat for some professions, such as Entertainer or Doctor, or chef, as examples.

Here's the professions for Pre-NGE  https://swg.fandom.com/wiki/Professions_(pre-NGE)

On a NGE server, you will earn experience and go up in levels, capping at a max level of 90. You will only have a few professions, however Jedi will be a starter profession.

Either game, depending on whether they have initaited the "jump to Lightspeed" expansion on their particular server, is capable of Space combat as well.

This game has all the familiar Star Wars music, as well as dozens of creatures unique to Star Wars. 

The animal life on the Pre-CU and NGE servers have health unique to themselves. So you might see animals with health of 250 and some with health of 40,000 all on the same planet. A typical humanoid usually has an unbuffed health of around 1000 to 1500 depending on profession just as an example.

Each planet is huge. My best guess would be 16 x 16 Kilometers. I created waypoints and got 16,000 meters from one side to the other.

Each planet has unique lifeforms, and fauna, and you might find many player cities on some of those, but not all can be built upon, however you can place harvesters on all.

Each planet has "Points of interest" as well as many relics and such scattered all over that aren't even mentioned. 

The Capitol cities are huge, as well as major cities on each planet, and contain trainers, bazaars for buying and selling goods, as well as other players services.

Ever want to ride a speeder or the Car Obiwan was in? Those are in game as well.

Gear and items have a decay rate upon use, such as firing or the number of hits a peice of armor takes, ensuring a healthy economy.

There are Starports to carry you to other plantets, or shuttleports to carry you to another city on that planet.

Each planet has weather cycles. 

If you prefer pvp you can be a Rebel or Imperial soldier. There is plenty of PVP, lol.

Some servers have player improvements, like my server, (Inifinity) that give new players a speeder bike and basic armor, as well as weapons or gear, depending upon which profession you choose.

My graphics card back in the day couldn't handle max settings, now I have everything maxxed out, and it is like a new game to me. Dense vegetation, mountains seen for miles, detailed clouds, and space ships and Tie fighters and such zipping all over the place.

To play you will need a copy of SWG, any version other than trial versions, and these can be found on Ebay or Amazon, etc.. Install the game, and find a server you would like to play on and download their emulator, and you are all set. Come relive the legendary MMO of Star wars Galaxies.

Here is a list of servers. The emulator servers are at the bottom of the page. Pre-NGE servers and NGE servers.  https://swg.fandom.com/wiki/Servers

None of these servers violate Sony's policy as far as legality goes since the emulators are used to launch the game, and Sony has acknowledged this.

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