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Great Old Man

China communist cyber manipulation gate InROK

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Great Old Man


Chinese agents manipulate ROK Internet opinion. One of the biggest supporter of President Moon on twitter, actually revealed that he was Chinese cyber agent. Me and my friend found this and made fishing link where links to dongtaiwan which site Chinese Internet censorship prevents. It soon reveals that there are full of Chinese cyber agents who make hatred and conflict in Korea. Their final goal is making Korea as Communist country.

There is enough proof that Chinese Communist disguises itself and makes social conflict in Korea.

This incident ignited after one Korean-Chinese revealed truth and it soon seems to be true after using "fishing link" where links to Chinese-censored site like dong-Taiwan.

No one knows that I am Korean-Chinese. I don't live in a Korean-Chinese society, so the comments I wrote below show that Korean-Chinese are manipulating all public opinion in Korea. I usually use telegrams, but I also use Twitter a lot. There are about 1,000 such cases. I was just trying to keep it a secret. The poor Koreans who have to live their lives for the rest of their lives without knowing the truth are revealed.
About 15 percent of the total number of Koreans are Korean Chinese. The majority of them are college students studying in Korea. Korean-Chinese like us were in charge of this job in both the last presidential and local elections. NAVER's best comments... All content written to women-centered cafes goes through our hands.
※Reference: Cheong Wa Dae People's petition, suspected Chinese intervention
The Chinese government and the South Korean Democratic Party are leading this, but no matter what they do, they will not be investigated. While many Koreans are concentrated in corona, the Chinese government is trying hard to control all of Korea's core industries. China, which has succeeded in diverting its eyes, will join hands with pro-China politicians of the Democratic Party to swallow Korea's electric power. I feel very uncomfortable. There are several media that tell the truth. The reason I'm worried about this country is because I'm a citizen living in Korea. Because I think I'm Korean myself... We all have a right to know the truth.

Korean-Chinese students are also a problem, but the problem is much bigger among Han students studying in Korea. Even though they are rich and rich, they are deliberately studying abroad in Korea. What I regret is that the majority of Koreans ignore my words as a conspiracy. If things go on like this, the history of Korea will end in 1972. In order to confront the United States, China must make South Korea its territory. Only when South Korea becomes red will it be able to cope with U.S. security. The Chinese Communist government is very smart. Do you think Korea will be left alone and fight the United States?

1. Construction of a Chinese steel plant in Mi Pohang, Busan.

※Reference: China Steel Company's Pusan expansion controversy


2. Construction of an aluminum factory in Jeolla and Gwangyang, China.

※Referring to the rise again from the construction of the Gwangyang Aluminum Plant.


3. The total electric cars were made in China and the South Korean government granted financial support to electric cars made in China.

。Reference: Operation Name: Quiet Air Attack, Chinese electric cars rush in.


4. Solar panels.

※For reference, most of the solar panels are made in China?


5. Smart City in Sejong City, one-on-one in China.

※Reference, Sejong City, China, Guizhou Smart City Cooperation


All this happened simultaneously, but is this just a coincidence?

China will also acquire Korean electricity. South Korea is now in extreme danger.

。KEPCO and Chinese companies will also be allowed to bid. an explanation of the press


Unfortunately, I think Korea cannot look back on its own. It is easy for the people to incite and incite, so it inclines to that side after being tilted by the Korean-Chinese  Communist  forces. If the United States does not defend all this, this country will be over. It disappears from the map.

It is true that the Chinese Communist Party intervened in the election of Moon Jae-in. He won the election, so I have to give something to the Chinese Communist Party. "Remember the series of incidents that have occurred in Korea.

Construction of a Chinese steel mill in Pusan, Busan.

Construction ceremony for Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province's Chinese Aluminum Plant.

Chinatown is built in Gangwon Province.

Permission for Chinese speculative capital to yeongjongdo and songdo.

A Chinese construction company in Sejong City.

sunlight from China

Electric cars made in China and related subsidies from the South Korean government.

Illegal export to China with a mask of 400 million yen.

China-against micro-powder environmental group "Stoping the mouth"

There is no restriction on the number of Chinese  who enter the country.

"The Chinese economy has grown and its power has grown, and now it wants to fight against the U.S. and Hegemony to win. This method is said to be key to communizing the Korean Peninsula. If this area turns red, North Korea and South Korea will gain access to China, make it easier to fight with the U.S., and take a step closer to world hegemony. Moon Jae-in took advantage of China's lack of economic means to counter the U.S. by turning Korea red.

Moon Jae-in, a communist, knows that the Chinese Communist Party's intervention was essential for him to win the presidential election, and Moon Jae-in took advantage of the opportunity. But there is something that Moon Jae-in should give as much as he got. After the deal, Moon Jae-in will hand over everything to China. This proves that many civil engineering and various rights-taking projects in Korea are all related to Chinese companies.

Moon Jae-in was elected president in the presidential election thanks to the help of Korean-Chinese reporters and the intervention of the Chinese government. I can't say anything with the debt. Moon Jae-in is killed when he is overthrown by the Chinese government when he confronts China.

Unfair elections have never stopped.

By-elections. Local elections.A general election. A presidential election.

Korea is a very morally fragile country. Government get used to cheating. I take it for granted.

forget a lot Then it repeats itself. pass unnoticed The Chinese Communist Party also intervened in the 1998 election of Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun. They worked hard to make Korea a part of the China again.

Democrats already knew that they could hold illegal elections with an electronic voting machine. The Chinese Communist Party also knows. That's why they made an electronic ballot-counting they purposely made a machine that they could operate. Then they start to incite people by saying, "This is easy." That has been handed down so far. Pro-China politicians have much less time than they are now.

Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye line were firmly guarded against penetration of the Chinese Communist Party. Lee Myung-bak did not receive Chinese money.He is an entrepreneur, and his way of looking at the world is different from that of a pro-independence student movement.He's a self-made man, so he's good at doing business.He is used to making money by going directly to China rather than making easy capital. Park Geun-hye often followed her father's way of life and values. Her main strategy was to use China but not believe it. That's why he participated in a Chinese victory event and arranged for a third party.

However, Moon Jae-in and all other people who are currently in important posts are not. they've never made any money on my own. When I was an Communist, I was used to living in such a way as all organizations supported my money. Election funds have been decided, but they need more money. they can't ask for it in Korea. Finding an organization that can help them with money in their usual way. That's the Communist Party of China.

When Park Geun-hye was a conservative. The Chinese government did not have the power to keep the left wing alive. There was a Korean-Chinese commenting team at that time, but they lost and the right wing won.

After that, the incident of the Sewol occurred. The incident was not caused by the Chinese government or by the Democratic Party of China, but it was a very good fortune and a great opportunity for the Democratic Party to take power. The Chinese government also supported the Democratic Party, thinking it was the time to do so. And tablet operation... Public opinion is led by comments from Korean-Chinese. Koreans who are disappointed with Park Geun-hye turn to controlled public opinion. Tablet PC incidents that were manipulated... As the situation turns out, the people who are mobilized for election funds, manipulating public opinion, and manipulating electronic voting machines are likely to win Moon Jae-in.

Unless these are the two issues mentioned above, Korean-Chinese don't care any other Korea issue. When a strong anti-Chinese sentiment blows among Koreans, the Korean-Chinese writing corps is sent back to calm it. Repeat this. Korean-Chinese also move without a hitch, giving orders from above. They put the pool of human resources they need in the right places, and they have a lot of experience and know-how. Once you instigate them, they don't have to stay there.

Koreans often follow me. Koreans, who were brainwashed and stimulated, spread it to other communities. It is a kind of online Wuhan pneumonia virus.

The community site is managed by Korean-Chinese. There is not a single community without Korean-Chinese commentators. China has a large population, and this pool of human resources is overflowing. It's just that the situation at that time, the rise and fall of the community, the people abandon it, switch to another community, and so on and so on.

The fall of Korea is in the interest of China. The Chinese Communist Party of China is the last one to add more fuel to the situation, even though it is not integrated into the internal ranks. Koreans have lived peacefully for a long time and are not afraid to understand the ruling system of the Chinese Communist Party. they are ignorant of how mean and cruel China is. The reason why Korean women lack the concept of national interests and security is because they were brought up without war. Men come up with concepts when they go to the army, but women don't.
The future enemy is China rather than North Korea. China is South Korea's biggest obstacle. It is the history of the Republic of Korea that has never been rescued by China since Dangun.



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1 hour ago, Great Old Man said:

If the United States does not defend all this, this country will be over. It disappears from the map.

Once you were part of the Great Kimak Horde........now....

Mewling tw@ts......the whole bloody lot of you.....



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why don't you guys impeach your president, if he is so bad?  i mean you got plenty of pointers from our democrats,  open chinese collusion investigation,  for starters

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