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For fun, I was wondering if it'd be possible to write a book (on any subject) that'd grab peoples attention and get them hooked with just the first few sentences?

For example for a horror book this beginning might make people sit up-

"John went to bed for an early night while his wife went out on the town with her girl pals, and around midnight he sleepily heard the front door shut and her footsteps coming up the stairs. He heard her undressing in the pitch dark without a word, then she got into bed and she was icy cold, so he hugged her to share his warmth and dozed off again with her in his arms.

An hour later he was woken by the front door shutting again and her voice calling "Darling I'm home", so he wondered who the still ice-cold silent figure next to him was that he was still embracing"..

PS- if any UM members have got a 'hook' beginning, post it in this thread for fun..:D


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