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Witnesses recall UFO that landed in Colorado

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I used to work about 20 miles out in the countryside in Huerfano county, south of the Springs. Ive never seen so many UFO's in my life as I did that summer spending nights as security on a farm. One night, I had an orb of light barely crest a hill not far from me, rise up a little in the sky and start coming right towards me. As it started getting close I ran inside my guard shack and didn't come out for a while. Every single night, not an exaggeration, there were UFO's doing weird things, dancing around in the sky, disappearing and reappearing. Even saw a triangle shaped craft one night.  Truly a weird place!

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I wonder how many hotspots exist in the world, that people dont talk about

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Looks like someone up there has been playing with his huge laserpointer again.

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The part about it being radiation that is preventing things from growing where it landed reminds me of what Bob Lazar said regarding the technology behind these crafts. I remember he said that the power source was an anti matter reactor that transmuted 115 into 116 that would quickly decay (radiation). Not saying that confirms anything but it's certainly something to consider.

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