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The 'pen' that is a 360 degrees selfie-taker

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"There are plenty of 360-degree cameras available today, but it seems like we're going to get another one. Japanese imaging company Ricoh – best known for its own range of 360 cameras and rugged, waterproof snappers – has established a new startup called Vecnos to focus on making a new 360-degree camera that will "reinvent the selfie".

"Details about the Vecnos-branded camera are slim at the moment, although the company has said the product will be launched some time this year. All we know of the as-yet nameless camera are some of its design aspects."

Full monty, with video, at Tech Radar: https://www.techradar.com/news/ricohs-new-startup-to-focus-on-ultra-compact-360-degree-selfie-camera

And at Wired UK: https://www.wired.com/story/vecnos-360-camera-company/

Video at YouTube (60secs): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=YUluU16lgik&feature=emb_logo

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Everything about the upcoming camera looks like it's been miniaturized. When available, it should easily slip into any pocket 


Easier to lose!

Can not believe how vain some people are today.

Whats all this about, taking pictures of yourself ? 

I can understand the ones for documents or to send to someone you have not seen for ages, but taking selfies of yourself all the time where you need to carry a selfie camera in your pocket?? Really! 

The other thing is, all those pouting selfie takers actually look awful. 

Some of the girls caked in make-up and doing the fish lips looks, look really funny. 

I just do not get this "look at my photo I took myself looking like a ****" 


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