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Dog caught on cam stealing mail

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"At a Mcallen home, Abby Garza thought she was yet another victim of package theft when she arrived home and could not find her delivery. She, as expected, was upset until she decided to check the video from her doorbell camera.

"In the footage, a four-legged “pooch pirate” is seen stealing a package from the front door for the house.

"It took just 30 seconds for the K-9 thief to commit the crime. Turns out he’s a repeat offender."

Video report at KRGV: https://www.krgv.com/news/dog-caught-on-camera-stealing-packages-from-mcallen-residence/

At YouTube: (2mins 16secs)


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Kittens Are Jerks

What a cheeky little thing. He appeared as soon as he saw the delivery truck, waited for it to leave, and without wasting another second, grabbed the package!

Definitely not a first time offender. He's perfected the art of stealing.

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It is possible the owner trained the dog to do that.  When I was a kid with a paper route I had to take an old paper for one person who lived across the street from an old lady, who had trained her dog to go grab the neighbor's newspaper as soon as I rode away.  I always stopped and watched as she waited for me to bike past then would send the dog out, it would run across the street, grab the newspaper and run back to her.  People are devious.  So, while I was the paper deliverer she always got the previous day's newspaper.  The person I took the route from told me about it before I started so she had been getting an old paper for a long time.  I guess that was better than nothing.

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