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Got to still be able to laugh


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Just now, President-Elect Acidhead said:


Sorry, but the new avatar picture, lmao.

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58 minutes ago, President-Elect Acidhead said:



To be honest, you do look like my friend John, he just joined twitter. Brand new account.

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Meanwhile, in the Netherlands:


8.00 am. Snow! Made a snowman.

8.10 am. The first passer-by objects. Why isn't it a snow woman?

8.30 am. Snow woman added.

8.32 am. The daycare lady objects to the snow woman's clearly visible breasts.

8.40 am. The neighbor of four houses further, who lives with his friend, thinks there could be two snowmen.

8.45 am. The neighbor across the street, a fanatic vegan, comes to complain about the abuse of the carrots. Waste of food she says.

9:00 am. I turn out to be a racist because the snow is white.

9.05 am. Fatma, who lives on the corner, demands that the snow woman wear a headscarf.

9.15 am. The police will come to review the situation.

9:30 am. The arrest team cordons off the area because the broomstick can be used as a melee weapon.

9.45 am. My cell phone is being confiscated. I am taken away blindfolded by helicopter.

10.00 am. I pay a fine of 1000 euros at the desk because the snowman and woman do not wear a face mask and the 1.5 meters distance has not been adhered to.

If only it were spring again...

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I forgot: many who only speak Angry-Saxon have no clue. The -4° is in degrees Celsius.

I have no idea what it should be in Fahrenheit.

I could google it, but I don't care.


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