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Still Waters

Three new species of toothed pterosaurs

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Still Waters

Three new species of toothed pterosaurs—flying reptiles of the Cretaceous period, some 100 million years ago—have been identified in Africa by an international team of scientists led by Baylor University.

The pterosaurs, which soared above a world dominated by predators, formed part of an ancient river ecosystem in Africa that teemed with life including fish, crocodiles, turtles and several predatory dinosaurs.

"Pterosaur remains are very rare, with most known from Europe, South America and Asia. These new finds are very exciting and provide a window into the world of pterosaurs in Cretaceous Africa," said lead author Megan L. Jacobs, a doctoral candidate in geosciences at Baylor University.


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I wonder what pterosaurs really looked like. So many illustrations (like the one heading this article) suffer from 'shrink wrapping'...Meaning that they're drawn as if skin is just stretched over bone, cartilage, and assumed musculature.

For example, this is not what we look like (thank the gods)...Yet maybe some alien paleontologist in a few million years will assume this is what humans looked like.



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