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The starkness stand out

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The starkness stands out,
I feel like a mouse,
by an invisible cat,
feeling its presence,
yet it eludes me.
I hate the feeling, Lord,
being in an open field,
no place to hide,
yet it is life as it has always been.
The starkness stands out,
as well as life's fragility,
so I do the best I can,
work in our infirmary,
be present for those i
live with and love.
Truly like flowers of the field
we age, and weaken,
or we get sick
and then, Lord, we are gone.
Yet, so what, I still trust in you.--Br-MD
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The Wistman

Moving and beautiful Brother Mark, and really captures the potency of the moment. 

I really hope our civilization can rise up to the challenge.

Your poem reminds me of "Grandfather's Poem" from The Night of the Iguana, by Tennessee Williams.


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