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01 ~"/\"~ My Advanced & Beautifull Pyramid´s

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Here´re one of a few of my clip´s on You Tube about those Model Pyramid´s which i made, just Not to Only expand my knowledge Horizon but also to expand my techniques in building into them New ideas, like drawer´s and secret what ever.

Under that title, i´m showing and explaining the Why´s about my Pyramid´s in the English and in the German Language.

01 ~"/\"~ My Advanced & Beautifull Bristel Board Pyramids/Gebastelt Kreative Fotokarton Pyramiden

At this Model, which start´s @ 3:09 minute´s,  

About that Meidum Pyramid!

I once wanted to write a Book about Pyramid´s but as destiny didn´t wanted me to accomplish that, it didn´t become it just had to be like that! And yet, while i was working on my script, making drawings about those Pyramid´s in 3 or 4-D, showing the inside of them and so on for my story´s.

Then i´ve got so really tired due to of over working myself so before i went to sleep, i asked the question loud to my spirit Guide, "What is the Pyramid"? (That was in around 1997!)

In My dream´s i then saw that Maiden Pyramid the way it look´s today but i saw two of them close to each other, like Pole´s of a Battery may be?, a Plus pole + and a Minus Pole - ! And then a voice said to me, "It is a Battery"!


That started to make slowly more sense then to belive that those Pyramid´s were burial site´s for Human´s?

On another occasion, I´ve build for someone a Bristol Board Yellow Cardboard Pyramid with some drawer´s in it and the exact copy of the cheop´s Pyramid, where the sarcophagus´s located at because it is NOT centered in the Pyramid. I then took a Quartz crystal and placed it into that Basket of a replica sarcophagus into that Pyramid model which was only about 12 Inches in size but took me more than 50 hour´s to build. 20 Minutes later i took out that small quartz crystal and placed it onto my third eye, to extract that energy for meditation purposes only but it didn´t come that far because within 5 second´s it´s radiation that it emitted was so strong that i immediately got one Hell of a Migraine Headache, i´ve Never ever got any so fast and so strong before!! :o So i immediately interrupted that and dropped that Mission about it.

As one can see, that when one rebuild´s such a Plan of a Pyramid, one may get even more Answer´s to it then just to look at it and try to speculate about it.

  it´s that on the right side which has a cover of a Hull of a Pyramid which may be also used additionally as a Pyramid or to just cover that actual Model of a replica interior´s of that cheop´s Pyramid.

@ 3:09 min., here i´m showing one of my complicated Pyramid Model´s that i´ve ever made but they got even more complicated... Eventually i´ve given them eighter away or destroyed them, flooded them with water just to see how sturdy they are.


(I don´t make any of them anymore because my spirit does not permited or some other Force guiding and or Guarding over me!)

02 ~"/\"~ My Advanced & Beautifull Bristel Board/Fotokarton Experimental Pyramiden


#03 ~"/\"~ The Reiki Pyramid and others/Die Reiki Pyramiden & Andere


#04 ~"/\"~ Highly Valuable Pyramid STARGATE Models


#05 ~"/\"~ My Top Class Experimental Pyramid Creation´s


#06 ~"/\"~ My Top Class Experimental Pyramid´s FILM Clip & Fotograph´s


#07 ~"/\"~ Meine Kostbaren Eigen entwickelten, Kreationen, Designed & gebastelte Pyramiden!


#08 ~"/\"~ (06.09.2004) First Morgellon´s Kontakt @ My Pyramid Modells!


#09 ~"/\"~ My Pyramid Modells watered with Pyramid Water! ~


#10 ~"/\"~ My Pyramid Models, #2 of the 5ver Wine Pyramids With Special Effects!


#11 ~"/\"~ The Yellow Vodka Pyramid Modell!


#12 ~"/\"~ That First "Drawer" Modell Pyramid Assembling


#13 ~"/\"~ That Mayan Step Pyramid, Assembling One with Special Effects


#14 ~"/\"~ Some of My FAVORITE Pyramids, The Chakra Pyramid @ the Right, Spray Paintings


... and here now, some of my "out of board-om", Furniture Oil Paintings!

#15 ~"/\"~ Back then in My Kitchen, My Furniture, Wall Spray Paintings etc.


#16 ~"/\"~ Sprüh Bilder von CD Hüllen/Spray Paintings of CD Covers with Planets


#17 ~"/\"~ Some of mine Past Drawings and... /Einige meiner Vergangenen Zeichnungen und...


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That First Top clip start´s to show at 1:20 minutes!

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Please delite my Account!
Oh Yes! I did write the Admin as well! :-)

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