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Bletchley Park WWII secret footage discovered

Still Waters

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Incredibly rare World War II footage of British spy staff shot at a site connected to the famous codebreaking facility Bletchley Park has been discovered and published online.

The 11-minute video is thought to be a compilation of footage shot at the Whaddon Hall facility used by communication staff from the UK's Special Intelligence Service (SIS) -- also known as MI6 -- from 1939 to 1945, according to a press release from the Bletchley Park Trust published Friday.


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  • The title was changed to Bletchley Park WWII secret footage discovered

I visited bletchley park about 6 months ago, my son lives a few miles away, amazing place and what they achieved was incredible, a cryptic crossword was put in the newspapers and those who got it right were contacted and the 5 who could do it the quickest were offered positions there.

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