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Spot the Pug!


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"After going out for her one hour of permitted exercise a day, a woman realised that a photo she had taken on the walk made quite a funny brainteaser.

"The picture features her pug dog, which she was walking at the time.

"However the little pooch is pretty hard to spot in the image, so she decided to share it and see if others could find the animal."

Full monty at the UK Mirror: Link



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1 minute ago, Tuco's Gas said:

His little face is perfectly aligned behind that wrought iron scrollwork on the RH arm of the park bench. 

That was the first place I looked, and I still missed it!

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I see it.

Still an ugly looking mutt.:P

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It's a vampire bat! Not as good looking as the square-faced yoke with the white eyes in the left background to the left of the bush.

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