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I was surprised to see a mention that Mark Cuban was thinking about running.  I would write in his name just for the fun of it.  He likes attention but at least he is more personable and educated than Trump.

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Don Blankenship! What a crook!!!!! 

Rocky De La Fuente is another crook. 

Leonard Peltier is a back stabbing murderer who needs to stay in prison. 

Brian T. Carroll is a clueless former hippie 

......and just what the Hell is the "Transhumanist Party" ???????

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transhumanist_Party   screwballs.......


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here you go @Piney

It is time to reorient the economy and society toward pursuit of public health and longevity. We are already effectively on a war footing, so let us take the war on the offensive against death and disease. Either the world will succumb to this pandemic, or we can turn around the situation to step fully into the Transhuman Era. The U.S. Transhumanist Party is proud to put forward these proactive ideas for winning this war.

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