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Spring is here and we have nowhere to go


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Easter and its connection to Spring, eggs, fertility, planting, those divine earthy smells and dainty blossoms are usually in the theme.  And romance!  Who doesn't think romance in the Spring? I think humans have had their sights on romance in the spring for eons.

More: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/column.php?id=336827

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Well, no one else felt inclined to respond, so here I am again.

Humans made it to the top of the food chain by being intelligent and adaptable, despite being misguided by people with 'visions' about the future. The future is misty.

Sorry Kathleen, despite the fact that you appear as a good-willing and nice person, at the moment you start talking about angels, soul and spirit, not many on this board will take you and your advise very seriously. Only those who are desparate for some answer.

And fyi: I have practised astrology for some 15 years. Glad to say: the astrologer that taught me the art was a very down to earth guy. No fluffy stuff coming from his mouth. And he was right many times. He even predicted the killing of Anwar Sadat, one of the former presidents of Egypt.

But... my eyes finally opened, I became disappointed, and hence: skeptic.

Most often people behave like automatons, conditioned and ruled by their upbringing. If you get that, you can 'predict' whatever you want.

You think 'Dynamo' is clear-voyant? But he looks into your eyes, and tells you what you were thinking of? Hello, he is using tricks, psychology, slight-of-hand, or whatever it is called in Angry-Saxon.

I have noticed during my life, that I can put ideas into people's minds. Not intentionally, but it happens very often. For instance , I tell a weird or funny story, and a week later the person I told it to, tells me the same story, TO ME! As though s/he experienced it her/himself, and forgot *I* was the one who told them about it.


I could make this thread my personal blog  because no one reads it anyway!






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