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Still Waters

Ukraine: Dogs auctioned to pay owners' debts

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Still Waters

Thoroughbred dogs that were confiscated under a court order in Ukraine to pay for their owners' debts have been put up for auction online.

The auction, highlighted by an opposition MP, has drawn criticism.

Many initially thought it was a joke when two dogs were put up for auction on a state-owned online site for confiscated goods.

But it soon became clear the dogs were real. One has not yet been sold but one has a potential buyer.

Opposition MP Mykhailo Volynets posted screengrabs of the two elite dogs, complaining that they were being used as bargaining chips. The starting price for one, a shepherd dog, was €44 (£40; $48), the other far less.


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Kittens Are Jerks

That is downright cruel. For some, it would be like auctioning off their babies.

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Posted (edited)
Come on, dogs and cats are raised and sold for money by the owners and this is also the sale of animals.
It’s just that we don’t have developed methods for collecting funds from a person.
If in other countries you need to pay for utilities then in Ukraine they can use and not pay for several months and years and they don’t have these services turned off. Especially the rich do not pay,do not open doors and you can’t go into the yard, etc. People are not used to paying, that’s the thing!

During the winter, at once, the lists of debtors on the porch doors appear from which apartment, who owes how much, and the total amount of 3 thousand dollars runs up. And such 40 houses of debtors.And the most decent are pensioners  who already have little pension.
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