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Rat Paintings Have Earned Over 1,000 Pounds

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Meet The Rat Whose Paintings Have Earned Over 1,000 Pounds


Gus is not an ordinary rat - he's a rich rat. The little rodent has managed to earn a lot of money simply by doing something he likes - painting. Gus uses his paws to create miniature masterpieces that have been sold worldwide for more than 1,000 pounds - or over Rs 92,000.

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Bendy Demon

(sighs) Well I suppose it isn't any worse than selling scribbles made by horses or elephants.

Still..who, in their right minds, is going to spend that much money on something made by a trained rat (or any animal), it seems to me that the young lady who owns 'Gus' shows him pots of paint and the rat just puts his paws in it as he tries to reach for goodies then just scampers around on the paper -but of course they keep that part out of the video frame so it looks 'authentic'.


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