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Is this the best time to look for UFOs ?


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It's already a bit too late I think. I have seen that the number of planes in the air has already started increasing considerably again. (I live in southernmost Sweden not so far from the airport of Copenhagen in Denmark so I see many low-altitude planes under approach to the airport, many of them are coming from Asian cities.)

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Best time to see a ufo?

From what i have gather from a few alleged ufo reports here and out on the net

Is go to a lake or river with a good friend or date, partake in some sort of liquid and or chemical party favors , years later tell a story of the thing you guys saw in the sky that made you a full believer that aliens are here because what you saw no way no how was it of this earth,

Get angry if someone doesnt believe your story that lacks any proof.

I see ufos , things in the sky and i don't know what they really are basically daily, lots of people do, but i dont make that jump to it can only be otherworldly.

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in theory yes, in reality it probably makes no difference.

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Skywatching?... Sadly, to be able to do that people have to look away from their phones for a minute, and we all know thats not going to happen.

Especially not the screen generation.

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