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Still Waters

Zookeeper attacked by lions in Australia zoo

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Still Waters

Two lions have mauled a zookeeper in an "extremely vicious" attack in Australia.

The woman, 35, suffered serious bite wounds to her neck and head after the animals attacked her while she was cleaning their enclosure.

Two of her colleagues rushed to help her and secured the lions.

Police were called to Shoalhaven Zoo on the New South Wales south coast on Friday morning.

The zookeeper was treated at the scene by paramedics, before being airlifted to St George Hospital in a critical but stable condition.



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Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but zoo attacks almost always happen to women. Especially zoo staff. Do women seem weaker or more prey-like to these animals? I saw on the Animal Planet show, 'I Was Prey', one woman who worked with chimps was attacked by one and then it actually stalked her as she tried to work her way thru the park to safety. It followed her and attacked every chance it got. I believe the next day, it was as docile as could be, just like it had been before the attacks began.

Are woman more likely to view "pretty" animals as loving and pet-like? I often say that wild animals are dangerous. I don't care if you hand raised them. Instinct can kick in at any time. Even those cute deer you see can kill you with one kick. Even more hard to believe, an adult rabbit can kill a child with a kick from their hind legs. People get little cute little bunnies as pets and then they grow up to be mean and vicious. A lot of power in their hind legs. Even domestic pigs/hogs are very dangerous. Get injured and fall in a hog pen and they'll eat you if you can't get up. Look at the attack history for terriers (bull, pitbull, rottweiler, etc..), who aren't even wild animals. Hands down the most dangerous dogs in America. Wild animals do not make good pets and just because an animal looks "adorable" and 'cuddly", that doesn't mean it can't hurt you.

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Captain Risky

Surprised they didn't eat her. 

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