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Holistic View of Stars Gone Haywire


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Hubble Provides Holistic View of Stars Gone Haywire



As nuclear fusion engines, most stars live placid lives for hundreds of millions to billions of years. But near the end of their lives they can turn into crazy whirligigs, puffing off shells and jets of hot gas. Astronomers have employed Hubble's full range of imaging capabilities to dissect such crazy fireworks happening in two nearby young planetary nebulas. NGC 6302 is dubbed the Butterfly Nebula because of its wing-like appearance. In addition, NGC 7027 resembles a jewel bug, an insect with a brilliantly colorful metallic shell.

The researchers have found unprecedented levels of complexity and rapid changes in jets and gas bubbles blasting off of the stars at the centers of both nebulas. Hubble is allowing the researchers to converge on an understanding of the mechanisms underlying the chaos.

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That 'Jewel Bug' nebula looks amazing. I've never seen anything quite like it, and I'm a space image nerd. I even have some on my walls, as NASA/JPL's large file sizes are in the public domain, so any pro printer will print them fine art quality for you.

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Seems there is much deeper meaning to these events.  It looks like they are kissing. 

It appears we know nothing about the mysteries of the universe just as we know very little about earth life — just the surface stuff— we are born, “Get Educated”, work, perhaps marry and have children, many live to amass great wealth and power, and then at some point it all ends.  Or does it?

Still no cure for cancer, diabetes, arthritis — but the money spent on research and ineffective expensive  treatments seems to increase.  

The rain is destroying the vegetation.  Something wicked in it has arrived.  How many know?

Turns out the experiment was a failure.  




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13 hours ago, Festina said:


Have you something more to say?



Not really. I'm just confused as to what you're trying to say (hence the confused reaction).

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