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Fleeting universe


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40 minutes ago, Waspie_Dwarf said:

It's called science Damien, you should try it some time. It's about asking questions and trying to discover the truth. It's about asking big questions and trying to find the answers. 

The universe started billions of years so why contemplate it?

Life on Earth started billions of years ago so why contemplate it?

The pyramids were built thousands of years ago, so why contemplate them?

The answer is because many want to learn, they want to understand. 

You maybe happy wallowing in a pit of ignorance, making crap up and then ignoring facts because they don't fit your own, loony, views, but that behaviour, as you have admitted yourself, is not normal. 

Making provably false claims about what an article says is not normal.

Ignoring the entire contents of an article and claiming that one, single, out of context word (fleeting) proves you right even when every other word in the article says you are wrong is not normal. 

Knowledge, learning, that is normal. Really you should try it.

I meant why contemplate writing the book due to this?

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On 6/23/2020 at 10:23 PM, Damien99 said:

I meant why contemplate writing the book due to this?

Because how the universe will ultimately end is an interesting subject, that does not make it imminent. 

There are many articles written about how the sun will become a red giant in the future does that mean it is going to happen tomorrow? In fact it won't happen for around 5 billion years. Why write about that.

Nothing in the article says that the end is near, in fact it dismisses the very claim you make.

You are continuing to dishonestly ignore what the article actually says because it does not agree with your own, false, paranoid delusions.

Before you start reading up on very basic astronomy (which you really need to do) there are a couple of other subjects you should learn about, because they apply to you.

The first is confirmation bias.

The second is the Dunning–Kruger effect.

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On 6/25/2020 at 4:55 PM, Damien99 said:

does she know something that we don’t?

No, that's why she asked the question?

You should know what questions mean, you ask enough of them.

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