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Pluto may have always had a subsurface ocean


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The Mi-Go from The Whisperer in Darkness find it a satisfying home. They call it Yuggoth, not Pluto, though.

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"Water is not a luxury of Earth, in fact, it is the most abundant compound in the universe because it is composed of the first and third most abundant elements, hydrogen and oxygen, respectively."


Shouldnt be to surprising to find water in any form throughout the universe. We ourselves are water beings... composed of 60% or more. 

Yet on Earth 1 out of every 3 people do not have access to fresh drinking water...despite the quote above it remains a luxury to some



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You know, if I had designed the Solar System, I would have made it so that every planet and moon and dwarf planet has multicellular life on it, even if it was just fungus/algae/worms or something. 

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Why is this deemed worthy of study?

Truly,, the human race is a mess.  And yet, much energy and money is spent on curiosities and mysteries  that material science will never comprehend at the rate they are going.

It’s almost over folks.  And I can hardly wait till it ends.  It’s been a long journey.   My feet hurt.  

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When they say subsurface ocean, do they mean it�s a large body of water, or water that is permeating through rock and such? Seems like that would greatly affect the kind of life that could develop.

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