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Incident at Natanz nuclear facility in Iran


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On 7/27/2020 at 6:49 AM, RoofGardener said:

Yeeeees.... umm.. it is reported that these where WOODEN ships.... traditional Dhows ? 

NO great mystery; someone was careless with paint and varnish, one ship caught fire, and it spread to the others. 

No Israeli F35's or Mossad Agents where harmed in the making of this movie ! 

It's understandable that yet another destructive event would be seen as potentially suspicious by timing alone.

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There were quite few cases of 'problems' in and around those facilities in Iran. How Iran manages to keep them running, all under enormous sanctions is wonder in itself. 

It's risky, all considered. Might be better of shut down but Iran needs more energy because it's advancing (two are still directly related, advance and consumption - unfortunately still).

Now if any of these 'incidents' had foreign hands behind it... That's such irresponsible move, but i doubt that it could be the case.

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