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trevor borocz johnson

Life in the universe when dinosaurs roamed

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trevor borocz johnson

Let's say that just as on earth there was life that evolved in the past 14 billion years elsewhere in the universe. And lets say that because of certain messages in the universe that it is known that life has evolved to this point before and happens the same way everytime, with overpop killing us all with extinction because no one's life really matters just that you make money. Would these previous generations of life exist as spirits? or is the only thing left from past generations in the universe messages in the universal nebula's of disaster?

I feel a personal connection to these previous people's because I have found them mentioning me not just as the bottomless pit but in their 'sky' drawing's too if you will. Could evolved life out there be so bored that it wants to mess with us? and has anyone ever got meaningful information from a spirit that we can rely on? This confuses me about religion because 99% of that is listening to voices that guide the writer along, and a long time ago too. People claim to have been shown dreams well I've been shown dreams too and none of it panned out later to be real. We're we lucky enough to dodge prophecy that is clearly written in the sky?  I ask these questions because the proven science that a gyroscope can be a microphone/speaker of the balance system has not been allowed to us yet and I suspect its because of the nature of voice hearing and the craziness behind the science of that. Right now I have one gyro controlling a remote to a helicopter whose wings pull on a second gyro setup, when is this stuff going to be commercially available so we can learn about the deep dark science that is evil of gravity and the balance system and voices that I'm sure are going to inspire many of you to deny anything in this post is real at all like absurd morons.


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