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Still Waters

New facts of horsemanship in the bronze age

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Still Waters

Scientists from South Ural State University (SUSU) have discovered new facts about the use of horses in the Bronze Age, working with materials from the monuments of Andronovo culture. As part of an international team from Kazakhstan, Russia, and the U.S., the researchers studied the age of animals found in the ancient mound, as well as changes in the skull that indicate the use of horses by riders.

The international team of scientists, which included senior researcher Igor Chechushkov, proved that the Andronovites mastered horse riding several centuries earlier than is commonly believed. 

The burial ground is located near the city of Lisakovsk in the Kostanay region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Archeologist Emma Usmanova from Karaganda State University has been working on it for several decades. About 3,500 years ago, people of the Andronovo culture lived on this territory. A distinctive feature of the culture of that period was the development of horse breeding. The animals were used not only for food but also for harnessing to chariots and riding.


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The Andronovo Horizon Branched directly off the Yamnaya Culture who rode horses first. 

They were the Indo-Iranians and they did invent the spoke wheel and chariot. 

The first domesticated horses were used by the Botai, but it's unknown if they rode them. But they might not of influenced the Yamnaya, who domesticated horses independently. 

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