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Current rioting


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1 hour ago, Hammerclaw said:

Democrats are hardly far left--most are just decent, hard-working folk who just want to live their lives in peace. How to achieve that? I think they'll work it out all by themselves. 

i meant even if a far left Democrat takes the office, if they have their head screwed on right. I can accept that. I dont mind political liberals, but when the narrative is being directed by people that want to burn down all government, and cancel the police... That's not liberal, thats insane...

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All a political point scoring exercise now for the Democrats, they laid out the narrative from day one of the Trump presidency. 

They had plenty of opportunities to open wide and speak clearly in sane tones instead we get the likes of Max Waters telling voters to get in there faces shout scream blah blah blah, utter madness now they are blaming Trump like they did nothing wrong. From the outside looking in as a none Democrat or Republican supporter all I really see is mayhem, bitterness and corruption a filthy country in parts left to rot for the last thirty years or so by mainly Democratically run suburbs and cities, am I wrong?

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2 hours ago, Hammerclaw said:

All they are sowing is anarchy. The first sign of stiff and armed resistance and they fade away to migrate to easier pickings. As for main instigators, expect some rather shocking arrests in the near future. They are up against an intelligence community that grew out of a cold war with experts. These guys telegraph their punches and can be easily tracked by their purchases and monetary exchanges. They're out of their league.

Hola, hope you guys doing good,

Ive been hibernating in the batcave 2020 sucks out loud but decided to peek out,  waiting isnt even fun even in a disney line,

so in the spirit of the forums theme would someone kindly give me their speculation some theories on who the

"Main instigators" are, who pulls the strings ive been curious about that since all this started, remember the out 'o place fellow with his parasol busting windows?

Seems the "man behind the curtain" got lost in the scenery.


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