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The Face Mask Controversy


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The state of Victoria had had mask laws enacted in a second wave as well.




This latest outbreak is not a Victorian problem. It is a national problem. It is everyone’s problem. Support is being provided by the Commonwealth and other states and territories – several hundred clinical and other staff are helping with testing, contact tracing and public engagement. I am very heartened – and, I might say, not the least surprised – by this national response to get on top of the virus. Importantly, while we have already done a lot of work with multicultural communities, we are redoubling our efforts to ensure we get the right messages out to this very multicultural part of Melbourne.


The mask issue is not a directive. It's the best advice from the best in the field. 



So, our advice on masks remain the same. We actually asked, on the basis of this changed information and the epidemiology in Melbourne, we asked our expert panel on masks to look again, specifically, to see whether there was a change we needed to consider.

They've reconfirmed what they've said before and I would reconfirm what I've said and the Australian Health Protection Committee guidance has said for some time, that in general terms, masks are not needed in most circumstances, for most people, most of the time. There are some times when masks can be part of a solution, and 1 of those would be where there is a large increase in community transmission and social distancing cannot be guaranteed. Also, if people are sick, and they need to leave home for some reason, then wearing a mask would be useful. So that hasn't changed.

Victorian authorities, I know, are looking very closely at whether they need specific advice to people living in those hotspot areas. And that would be totally consistent with the national approach. Hotspot area, increased risk of transmission, masks could be part of the solution in that setting.



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