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'The poltergeist that started fires'

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'True Paranormal'.... those two words cannot go together.

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1. This is a discussion forum.  Why is this of interest?   Macqdor has not offered an iota of discussion (and this appears to be a running problem..)

2. The source has podcasts that are fictional - we can't know in advance whether this is just a fairy story, as...

3. ..Macqdor has not told us what it is, nor how he verified or checked anything.

4. It's just a podcast.  Even if you click the link you then have to listen to the cast, as there isn't even a description of it at the site...  Does Mac get paid by the hit?

All in all, I'd suggest that readers do not click that link, and instead ask Mac to do the right thing for once at this DISCUSSION forum, instead of spamming links.

In the meantime, here's a link about fake poltergeists that lit fires:
.. and the most likely explanations (and/or confessions) are supplied.  It is text, it gives lots of information, and the part about the 'Voodoo' fires near Talladega is rather interesting - scroll down about half way.

Yes, people like to light fires, and even kids can be extremely sneaky...

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Cookie Monster
On 7/20/2020 at 6:48 AM, macqdor said:

“THE POLTERGEIST THAT STARTED FIRES” and 7 More Scary True Paranormal Stories! 


I am of the opinion that a `hypnic jerk` or an instance of `exploding head syndrome` can cause poltergeist activity.

Why? Because it happens to me frequently. When I have a hypnic jerk things have a habit of falling off shelves and pictures off walls. One night I woke up with a hypnic jerk and my bed shunted several inches towards the window leaving me thinking wtf?

When I get exploding head syndrome along with bright flashing lights the trick is to completely give into it and let it wash over me. Then the weird experiences start. I have woken up in the earning morning before and I wasn`t in my bedroom. I was in a large room, with a metal tiled floor, and in something like a hospital bed. I was the only one in there but put it down as some kind of futuristic or higher-dimensional hospital facility. Over about 5 seconds it faded away into my actual bedroom leaving me freaked out

I should add my experiences only started after doing bridal mysticism, sufism, and kabbalah. I have had even weirder experiences than the above.

I can believe someone has figured out how to start fires psychically.

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