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Still Waters

Scientists accidentally create fish hybrid

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Still Waters

The American paddlefish and Russian sturgeon were never fated to be mates. However, when scientists in Hungary accidentally bred a new hybrid of the two fish, the sturddlefish was born. 

Most people know the Russian sturgeon for its eggs, which are sold as high-end caviar. The American paddlefish has a long snout, and can only be found in half of the US. Both species are referred to as "fossil fish" because of their ancient lineage and slow evolution.

 Unfortunately, both sturgeon and paddlefish are critically endangered, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Because both fish species are in danger of dying out, scientists are understandably curious if sturgeon and paddlefish can be bred in captivity.


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Hm, ...the Loch Ness monster was maybe accidentally created too. :D

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