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Cats vs Airhorn compilation


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I don't condone these things, but they are no doubt funny. The first cat looks like he is going to rip apart in every direction.


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Good humor from the Feline Funnies!

My semi tractors big air horns have completely flipped a few feral cats while staring into the roadside grass ready to pounce on a field mouse.:cat:    :devil:

Printing the mouse word brings this trucking story back to my mind.


Oaktown, Indiana, early nineties......

My full load of black walnut logs northbound on the Dixie Bee Line being US Highway 41, let me witness this. Up ahead a red tailed hawk crossed my lanes to land feet out stretched in the median strip. It then turned right going airborne carrying a mouse well ahead of me by a safe 150 feet.

Knowing I would miss the hawk I honked the 2 big air horns anyway. Right over the center line 15 feet up my long blast at the instantly, shocked hawk made it's talons open up just enough to drop the mouse. 

The lucky critter landed on the center line and ran extremely fast left back into the grass! And me with no dash cam, "Aw shucks."





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You saved a tiny life :)

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I love it, thx for sharing that.  I love cats! :wub:

Have you guys seen the cats eating ice-cream yet?  They get brain freeze and it cracks me up every time.  I don't think it's good for them though. 


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