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The Dance of Romance

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As the sea gently laps the shore
Whose gentle curves are caressed
Lends an ebbing and flowing cure
To all desires obsessed

A melting of souls entwined
Fueled by eternal yearning
A dish on which is dined
Where lips taste so discerning

Sensuous storms gather overhead
Raging torrents ripple and pour
Through the night til dawn is dead
Lay shattered dreams upon the floor

Through fleeting thoughts of love
Notions of something more enduring
Pierce like rain from above
Each droplet reassuring

A drug that gives the greatest high
Promises of lasting bliss
Sealed by a contented sigh  
Injected with a kiss

A disease that has no cure
That each and all must face
Symptoms make you crave for more
With each passionate embrace

A tender trap with no escape
Entered freely without regret
To live the dream while still awake
An encounter never to forget

A waltz that must be danced
To a chorus of hearts praying
Where romance is so entranced
By music sweetly playing


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