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The bizarre 'Bay of Piglets' plot

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"On Sunday 3 May, the government of Nicolas Maduro announced Venezuela's armed forces had repelled an armed incursion.

"Operation Gideon was a deeply flawed coup attempt. But what would compel exiled Venezuelans and former US Special Forces soldiers to join a plan that, from the outset, looked like a suicide mission? 

"It is a story that leaps straight out of a 20th Century playbook of Latin American conspiracies.

""It made the Bay of Pigs look like D-Day," quipped one commentator, referring to the failed US-financed invasion of Fidel Castro's Cuba in 1961. Operation Gideon is a staggering tale of hubris, incompetence and treachery."

Full story at the BBC: Link

Operation Gideon (2020): Link

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This was hilarious. Jordan thought he was Simon Mann. 

....and forgot what happened to him. :lol:

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