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‘Hell ant’ preserved in amber devouring prey

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

A prehistoric “hell ant” in the midst of devouring its prey has been found preserved in amber in pristine condition after 99 million years.

The specimen, which was uncovered in Myanmar, shows the “enigmatic” insect predator locked in an embrace with its final victim, an extinct relative of a cockroach known as Caputoraptor elegans.

The newly identified ant species, known as Ceratomyrmex ellenbergeri, shows how the hell ant used deadly scythe-like mandibles in its mouth to pin prey against the horn-like appendages on its head.



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Brilliant. Never heard of these either. Today's a good day at UM. Thanks for that most interesting link!

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Lol dang it ants have been hell for millions of years. Honestly one family of insects I wouldn't mind going extinct. :lol:

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I clearly jest, they're obviously very important insects in terms of cleaning up remains of dead animals, etc. I've just always hated ants and wasps, though. They're just... *******s. Beneficial *******s, but *******s, nonetheless. 

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