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All these beautiful animals. Mama cat had kittens about 6 months ago, one survived, but was blind. I used to play with it with a fabric mouse on a string. It knew the house, where its food was, litter box, etc. It didn't know it was blind.. As it grew, I'd take it outside in the yard and keep watch on it. It played in the grass as if it could see. It was a wonderful young cat.

Then one afternoon it got outside without my knowing, and was struck by a car. Of course, it had no knowledge of these things. Unfortunately, I have no photo of it.

"Make haste and celebrate my tragedy,

With fitting strain resound ye woods and fields,

Sorrow is dearer in such case to me

Than all the joys other occasions yields.

If I but love that virtue which he was,

Though it be only scented in the morning air, 

Still shall we be truest acquaintances,

Nor mortals knew a sympathy more rare."

- Henry David Thereau


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