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The tragic Mantell UFO Incident of 1948

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"A red flaming cone trailing a gaseous green mist appeared in the sky over Clinton County Air Base between 7:20 and 8:55 p.m. on January 7, 1948.

"At least, that's what observers told the All Weather Flying Center, a subdivision of the airbase, for their press release. This was the second report of the UFO sighting that day.

"Earlier that day in Kentucky, Thomas Francis Mantell, Jr., a twenty-five-year-old member of the Kentucky Air National Guard and World War II veteran, was asked to investigate a report from the Kentucky State Highway Patrol that something was flying over Maysville.

"When Mantell and his wingmen reached 15,000 feet he described, according to an analysis of the report logged by the National Investigations Committee of Aerial Phenomena, an object that "above me and [appeared] to be moving about half my speed" and was "metallic and it is tremendous in size." They decided to follow it."

Full article at the Grunge magazine:: LInk

Mantell UFO Incident: Wikipedia

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Jon the frog

Like Icarus, that poor lad soared to high into the sky, but he falled down from lacks of Oxygen and not melting wings...

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