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Still Waters

Tasmanian tigers half as big as once thought

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Without getting to the point I was trying to make about justification. The state bounty was set up on the word of the east coast graziers/MPs to combat what they claimed were basically organised gangs of murderous tigers. At this time you see stories in the press press of really large tigers (7') which I and I think others believe were probably plants. 

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21 hours ago, Coyote Speaks said:

It's a relatively new topic outside of more specialized circles from what I can tell. I'd love to read some papers on it, and in general see more writing and attention paid to it. I did talk to a biologist a while ago who was studying coat variations in coyotes killed in southern Pennsylvania during hunting season. One of them was this utterly massive blond male. The coat even had the same kind of feathering you see in golden retrievers. Looked like someone had just stretched a golden retriever pelt over a coyote body. Wild stuff.

There are actually quite a number of papers, etc. available. The below are just a sampling:








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5 hours ago, oldrover said:

At this stage, and It's very early days, I'd say what we're looking at is embezzlement of the state's treasury by the east coast stock owners. But That's me rambling for ages. 

If that's true it makes it far worse than the actions of narrow minded,inbred, country hick farmers.At least they have the defence of lack of grey matter,lol.

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Coyote Speaks

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