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France horrified over horse mutilations

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This is horrific...warning.

France's horse world is on edge after a series of gruesome attacks have left dozens of horses and ponies seriously wounded or dead. "It is cruel savagery of a kind we have rarely seen before," one official said.

French authorities have been left mystified over a spate of gruesome horse mutilations that have gripped the country in recent weeks. 

At least 30 attacks have been logged this year, with the earliest one dating back to February and the most recent one taking place this Thursday, French media reported. 


https://www.dw.com/en/france-horrified-over-mysterious-horse-mutilations/a-54754935#:~:text=French authorities have been left,this Thursday%2C French media reported.

Whoever is doing this needs to be drawn and quartered.

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and then

If caught in the act, they deserve to have the same thing done to THEM that they've done to these poor animals.  What kind of sick SOB treats horses, or any animal this way?  Anyone in this world who laughs at evil like it isn't real, needs to be forced to clean up after a mess like this.

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French police struggle to solve mystery of violent horse attacks

France 24 News: Link

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