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The mystery of Central Asia's 'desert kites'

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Dotted around the edge of the Ustyurt's escarpments are a series of ancient stone-and-dirt structures known as "desert kites".

The term originates from French and British military pilots who first spotted the curious complexes in the 1920s while flying over the Middle East.

Characterised by two or more rows of long arrow-like stone lines that converge in an enclosed circular pit, the kites have attracted considerable archaeological interest for more than 35 years.

But according to The desert kites of the Ustyurt Plateau report published in Quaternary International, "their size and the almost total absence of archaeological artefacts render any conclusions on their study very approximate."

Full article at BBC Travel: http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20200907-the-mystery-of-central-asias-desert-kites

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Hugh Mungus

Kites: image.jpeg.e50fd2d7413d25f718b6032c8c552fef.jpeg

Some of these "Kites" look a lot like the stone circles in South Africa. Interesting that the use of the stone circles has never been figured out.



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