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Peter B

Hint of life on Venus?

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Cosmic Horror

What is life, other than a series of more complex chemical reactions?

I have heard it said a long time before this article that the colonisation of Venus could be an option in the future in the upper atmosphere where the atmospheric pressure is comparable to Earths.  Not quite sure what the point would be, other than to prove we can.

I do so hope we find that proof of life in my lifetime, it’s so tantalisingly close.  And I wished they would hurry up with the James Webb as well.

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Peter B

Well, it looks like NASA might be re-jigging its exploration plans to include more exploration of Venus:



In light of Monday's findings, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said that was "time to prioritise Venus".

In a statement, Mr Bridenstine said the selection process for the new potential missions will be tough "but I know the process will be fair and unbiased".

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On 9/15/2020 at 11:37 AM, johncbdg said:

Earth is not the only one with life on it and there will be many other planets out there with more advanced life forms than humans we all new that some people will not want this to be true as it opens up a Pandoras box of all possibilities this news will burst some peoples bubble but they will get over it..

What the hell are you talking about. We are exploring the **** out of our solarsystem, and Im guessing its just a matter of years before we have that final exhibit A.

There may be secrets and conspiracies, but covering up extraterrestrial life should we find it on Venus (or anywhere else) I just dont see it happening.

What would be the point?


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