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Still Waters

Roman gaming piece found on UK building site

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Still Waters

A rare Roman gaming piece has been discovered by archaeologists working alongside council workers on the Northgate development in Chester.

The artefact, made from bone, was found with other Roman relics including a comb, a possible spearhead and a pin or broach.

The lozenge-shaped gaming piece, just over an inch long (29mm), is highly polished, probably from use, and features a common Roman ring and dot motif.

Experts link it to Ludus Latrunculorum, meaning the Game of Mercenaries - a two-player military strategy board game played throughout the Roman Empire, similar to draughts.



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My bad, i read the title and thought


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Cool find!   I'll play!


I collect recreations of old board games.  Once in a while I even coerce my family to play... 

Wei Qi (china) also known as Go (japan) which is where it came to 'Murica post WW2.  Oldest known board game in the world.

Some argue the oldest game is Ur... (Babylon)  similar in principle to Parcheesi.  My sense is, it's second oldest board game in the world.... [does it really matter, no, it's also awesome]

Tafl [Hnefatafl being the most popular game variant] (scandanavian chess).  Not all that old... circa 4th century Common Era.


They're all great fun. 

With both UR and Tafl the pieces and board can host many different variants of games using the same pieces and board in varying ways...


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