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The Circleville letter writer mystery

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The Circleville letter writer sent poison pen letters to multiple residents of the small Ohio town, accusing them of misdeeds, like some sort of literary vigilante, but one of the cases turned deadly.

Mary Gillispie, a local bus driver, received a letter in 1976 accusing her of having affair with the school district's superintendent. It's scary enough to know that your dark secrets are known to an unknown observer, but it's even more terrifying when that observer threatens you.

As Gizmodo reports, the letter read, "I know where you live. I've been observing your house and know you have children," adding, "This is no joke. Please take it serious."

Full story at The Grunge magazine: : Link

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Odd, the tv show didnt keep with that story,

And how is this possible?


Freshour was released in May of 1994 and maintained his innocence until the day he died. In 1993,

Did they release a dead guy?

A case like this has too much personal emotions involved had they wanted to they could have solved it.

Ooh. Mail came better go check the box.

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