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Oleanderin Rejected by FDA

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If HCQ wasn't enough of a failure,now a deadly poison has been promoted by Trump ad his stooges.

The poison oleanderin was recently promoted by the drug abusing Pillow guy and trump.

The FDA received a request to authorize oleanderin as a drug and as a dietary supplement.


That turned out to be a dumb thing to do.


The FDA on Friday gave its safety thumbs down to Oleandrin — the extract the MyPillow CEO has pushed as a possible coronavirus cure.

Oleandrin, could not “reasonably be expected to be safe” as a dietary supplement, the Food & Drug Administration wrote in a letter to Phoenix Biotechnology, which had applied for the agency’s approval.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who sits the board of Phoenix Biotechnology, was touting Oleandrin to President Trump and the White House last month as a promising — but unproven — “cure” for the coronavirus, Axios reported at the time.

It's one unproven snake oil after another

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My understanding is that the pillow guy tried to send in a request for oleandrin to be considered a drug or a supplement.

The FDA rejected the drug portion of the claim stating this was a poison, not a drug, and you provided no data to analyze it as a drug. Then they stated it could not be a supplement since you claim it is a drug.

Done deal and this new HCQ replacement for Trump ad his stooges has been rejected.

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