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FBI revealed, Tesla was actually from Venus

Great Old Man

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9 hours ago, Desertrat56 said:

Like no one knows that!    :lol:

Some people do point at extremophiles as a way for life to exist on the surface, but organic life just can't. No matter how extreme.

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On 9/24/2020 at 9:30 PM, stereologist said:

The other alien from Venus I am aware of is Valiant Thor.

 Think he made my Nan’s boiler.

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He must be an alien if he could survive surface temps hot enough to melt lead and atmospheric pressure that would crush a human flat like a bug. 

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As far as aliens go. If we're talking about space aliens flying around earth in space ships, there aren't any. They do NOT exist, period. 

As far as aliens existing somewhere in the universe? Of course that is possible. It even seems it should be likely. We just haven't detected any and the distances are so vast, that even if they exist, we may never know. Sort of made me sad when I first realized that. 

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