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NASA: first woman to walk on the Moon by 2024


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I seriously hope this one is going according to plans.


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The issue I'd have is that if the woman is picked mainly for being a woman, and not for skills/training/experience. NASA seems pretty good at doing that, so I'm sure it will be fine. They'd not send two people up for political points, just to die.

If we're going back for long term base, isn't a robot built facility coming first a better idea? I know that with money what it is, they need a big success first, but ... :whistle:


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first woman


Is that even still relevant in this age of wokeness? Remember, Twatter bans you if you doubt that transwoman are the same as biological women.

They could send Jessica Yaniv up there (great idea, imho) and claim that they have their "woman" on the thing.

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