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Incident At Devils Den

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Hello Everyone,

Have any or you read this book by Terry Lovelace?  I heard him on some of the paranormal shows so I bought the book.  I thought it would just be about what happened to him as an adult while camping out near Devils Den.  It is about that, but the first part is about things that happened to him as a child.  That made me remember things that I haven't thought about in a long time.  It was very disturbing.  Pretty much everything he described was happening to me as well.  He describes "monkey men" that would come into his room at night.  I just called them little men.  That's just one thing, there was much more.  What's weird is that these things were happening in my life at the very same time that they were happening to him!  We're nearly the same age, although we were living in different parts of the country.  Did this book, or others, make you remember things that you would just as soon forget?

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